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Dark Matter? by Caitgirl02 Dark Matter? :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 0 0 A feeling of past guilt. by Caitgirl02 A feeling of past guilt. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 2 0 A new Caitgirl. by Caitgirl02 A new Caitgirl. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 1 0 Kitty!!!!! by Caitgirl02 Kitty!!!!! :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 7 6 ... by Caitgirl02 ... :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 1 2 Yay. by Caitgirl02 Yay. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 0 2 He breaks the 4th wall. by Caitgirl02 He breaks the 4th wall. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 2 0 Galactroll Knight! by Caitgirl02 Galactroll Knight! :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 2 0 William. by Caitgirl02 William. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 2 2 Terraria-Guide. by Caitgirl02 Terraria-Guide. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 1 4 I'm a blonde! by Caitgirl02 I'm a blonde! :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 1 5 A Uncle Matters. by Caitgirl02 A Uncle Matters. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 0 2 Ceraline by Caitgirl02 Ceraline :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 1 3 Finger drawn. by Caitgirl02 Finger drawn. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 1 0 A strange meeting... by Caitgirl02 A strange meeting... :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 2 2 IDK who you are. by Caitgirl02 IDK who you are. :iconcaitgirl02:Caitgirl02 0 2
Mostly, I do Kirby stuff, because I love Kirby. We have to show Kirby some love somehow!

Anyway, not just about the baby star warrior, I do such bosses that he fights.


Drawcia X Dark Matter by Jackson93 Drawcia X Dark Matter :iconjackson93:Jackson93 13 3 DMS Pop Art by DokiDokiTsuna DMS Pop Art :icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 21 3 World's Worst Dad by DokiDokiTsuna World's Worst Dad :icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 26 3 Kirby_Gotta be attractive by Chivi-chivik Kirby_Gotta be attractive :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 206 100 Dark Matter Swordsman by Meow101XD Dark Matter Swordsman :iconmeow101xd:Meow101XD 38 4 The Truth by DokiDokiTsuna The Truth :icondokidokitsuna:DokiDokiTsuna 33 10 King Dedede x Fairy Queen Stamp by Screeadee King Dedede x Fairy Queen Stamp :iconscreeadee:Screeadee 13 4 Happy 25th Anniversary! by neburan Happy 25th Anniversary! :iconneburan:neburan 275 44 Snow Miku 2018 design by AnRabi Snow Miku 2018 design :iconanrabi:AnRabi 9 0 02 Banner by darkMaju 02 Banner :icondarkmaju:darkMaju 8 11 help him by darkMaju help him :icondarkmaju:darkMaju 3 2 Trilogy by dreamlander99 Trilogy :icondreamlander99:dreamlander99 91 20
After Story BETA Edition Chapter 19
        Kirby of the Stars: The After Story Chapter 19 - Broken Angel
Kirby and his friends waited several moments before a big golden star flew in the sky. The Warp Star landed in front of them, knocking Kirby into the nearby bushes. Kirby’s friends climbed onto the Warp Star with Kirby jumping on afterward.
“Wait…” Ribbon said quietly.
The pink fairy flew to Queen Mary’s lifeless form and took her hand one last time.
“Queen Mary…it’s okay. You’re wish hasn’t fallen on deaf ears…”
Ribbon joined the rest of her friends on the Warp Star as it took off into the air. Kirby waved goodbye to the fairies, but the rest could only look at the queen of Ripple Star.
Adeleine sniffed. “On this adventure…I never thought someone would get…” She couldn’t finish the sentence.
Waddle Dee sighed. “And to think that Dark Matter could have done the same to any of us.”
:iconleerjustice:LeerJustice 4 8
Gikabi Set 6 : Dark Matters by Pyro99deta Gikabi Set 6 : Dark Matters :iconpyro99deta:Pyro99deta 13 7
ON A WONDERFUL COMMISSION BY Screeadee!! Go commission her she makes beautiful art FOR VERY GOOD PRICES TOO.
:iconwarpstars:WarpStars 4 7
Happy B-Day by zerotwolover64 Happy B-Day :iconzerotwolover64:zerotwolover64 12 7


Journal History


Dark Matter?
This Swordsman took ALL his armor off. How long will he notice?
I think I'm back to my stuff.

It's soooooo hot outside, rather stay inside.
A feeling of past guilt.
This Swordsman gets a taste of remorse towards the REAL hero.
Friends, do you wanna play with me on my 3ds? Note me, okay?
Look. I can't take it anymore... Freaks here and there. I just want to be on dA, and that's it. If there is such wanna-be freaks... do a favor, and find a way to ban them, or get them away from me.
Took this at the right moment. She is like,"... what?"Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 
I'm going to my first high school prom!

I need feedback for how it is because... just... I want to hear you out.
What were your favorite moments of prom?(If you had one.)
Yay! My 1st year here!(I feel old...)
He breaks the 4th wall.
It looks like Zero-Two is joking about the 4th wall... or is he?
Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!(5th of may.)
Galactroll Knight!
Became a memeist!

This beautiful pic was drawn by,:iconnevaratalos:
We introduce a new eyeball dude from The Amazing World Of Gumball.
Zero, the leader of the Dark Matter, praised as the 'lord' of the Dark Matter... has made a special Dark Matter that meant to get rid of Kirby once and for all.
The Dark Matter had the power to invade living life forms, but this one was different from the rest. It took the power of the living life form, and instead of copying the ability like Kirby, it will take its own powers and take advantage of the persons' personality. The Dark Matter formed its own blade made of the purest of Dark Matter... strong enough to shoot it out for long range attacks, had a cape, shoulder pads, and a visor to make it an honorable swordsman to complete the form. Once the Dark Matter was fighting Kirby, it noticed the melancholic air of fighting Kirby. The Dark Matter felt that this was wrong, this feeling it felt, felt like Kirby was doing the right thing. The Dark Matter tried to refrain itself from Kirby, but felt scared of his master that it forces itself to fight.
I do digitalized paper printed art.

Price of points are 3:points:
A battle in training-Open.
Dark Matter-Open.

If you must, you can give me additional feedback about how this came to mind.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Zero-Two by Caitgirl02
A battle in training. by Caitgirl02
Dark Matter. by Caitgirl02
Ask me before buying. Commissions are sold when you go and donate :points:.
Well, first of all, I just want to say that... this article is NOT IN ANYWAY CANON OR A THEORY, OR A FACT. Based on the Dark Matter Minions from the game series of Kirby.
No to little spoilers come under way.

Now, I should say, Kirby was in his adventure long before Zero, and I should say, that there was a super monster named Nightmare, creating monsters to stop Kirby.
Nightmare got mad that Kirby can defeat normal monsters with just inhaling them, so he/she used all his/her bad energy, such as corrupted dreams, to make Dark Matter, but it was not powerful enough. The Dark Matter Minions had enough power to infect the evil monsters, and made the monsters have abilities. Such abilities didn't rule over Kirby, it just made him stronger. The power of the star warrior made Kirby copy these abilities to use and remove as he pleases.

Well, after the defeat from Kirby, the Dark Matter Minions had to make a plan. After years of planning, finally, one said to get a strong live source to make the Dark Matter Minions stronger.
The Dark Matter had to get someone, anyone but Kirby to be their master.
Okay. I've reduced my digital art commission by 500 :points:.
IDK who you are.
Kirby thinks he knows him, but doesn't know how...


Detailed digital art with background.
A drawn piece(s) that took some mildly bright details with a well-detailed or mildly plain background.
Line art that looks good with little to no detail.
Simple drawings that get your spirit up.
Detailed line art. GIF's.
This is a GIF image of Zero-Two dancing with his gang!


Caitgirl02's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
People who don't do art,don't know life by the fullest. I call 'em losers.:meow:
Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX
Newsflash!! I have been growing up, and take interest in my art more seriously. Even though I can be nice and pretty, that can change, depending on your mood.

Now, I take Ribbon's infamous quote, and say, " It doesn't matter if your evil, as long as you're here; my hero." My quote is not exact to Ribbon, but means the same thing.:heart:

I like Kirby the most. I'm a Kirby fan.
Kirby Fan Stamp by toki28 META KNIGHT IS EPIC by oceanographergrl Epic Charge- Sword and Blade Stamp by Cozigiraffe Galacta Knight Fan Stamp by FrostFlurry92 Drawcia Stamp by SolarPaintDragon
Taranza Stamp by Crashkirby888 Stamp of sectobiatch by Halgalaz [Comm.] Kirby X Ribbon Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist Zero 2 Stamp by MasterGallade
Also, I give the people credit for all the stamps.
Well, I favor a few other stuff like... Hatsune Miku Project Diva, Final Fantasy(almost all of them.), Star Ocean till the end of time, Xenosaga(first one.) and Kingdom Hearts(not the characters, but the story.) Xenosaga 10th Anniversary Stamp by AiselnePN Hatsune Miku Stamp by Winyumi Final Fantasy Fan Forever by SerpentineCougar
Star Ocean 3 Stamp by charryblossom
The friends of dA...
My Senpai... :icondark--swordsman::heart:
Stamp - Don't Hate Kirby by MoonWarriorAutumn…
Interest Button - Kirby by TheInterestButtons


Caitgirl02 has started a donation pool!
0 / 100,000
Make donations of your points here. What more can I say? I like what every dA does, even if it's anime, not Kirby.

I do Kirby art, but I can do any kind of art in any style. As I say, I am here for you and will help anybody if they need it.
Finger drawn. by Caitgirl02
Easily drawn line art that has no detailed background cost
30 :points:
IDK who you are. by Caitgirl02 Kirby! by Caitgirl02
Some art that at least has details and a good looking background,
cost 1000 :points:

Points [Accept] by RevPixy Paypal [Decline] by RevPixy
If you don't have enough points for commissions, feel free to drop off whatever points you have, that way, I can improve on my art for any positive advise for me to improve or any feedback. Anything is appreciated.

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